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Forum? Is Alive! YES

Quick info News:

We have a forum? Shoot since when? Where do I sign up? Can I use my Log In credentials from the main site to the forums?

Very good Questions let me clear It up for you. If you still got more questions fill free to ask below.

Answer Time!:

Number One:

If you cant see the forum no a problem. !Click here! or look at the navigation below the logo of StreamAnime.

Number Two:

A very good question. Its been a few months now. Fill free to check it out the more active the forum gets you will see more of Me (H3r0k0) and others from the Staff.

Number Three:
Can’t find where to sign up no a problem. Sign Up here or log In here.

Just to be clear SA main site cant log you in to the forum just yet.

Number Four:

I am sorry StreamAnime main site dose not work yet on the forum to log you in to the forum give us time to figure it out. We will let you know as soon as we can. Thanks for Understanding.


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